Course Details - CUA20113 Certificate II in Dance (Blackwood High School)

ISCA TitleDance (Stage 1)
QualificationCUA20113 Certificate II in Dance
RTOEmpowerdance Pty Ltd (National Code 40397)
Host OrganisationBlackwood High School
Course Length2 semesters (1 year)
Course DescriptionCertificate II in Dance at the Blackwood High School Performing Arts Academy offers students the opportunity to achieve nationally recognised training while developing and enhancing their technique. Students will: • Develop basic dance techniques in 3 of the following dance genres: contemporary, jazz, street dance (hip-hop), and/or ballet, • Rehearse and Perform to a diverse range of audiences • Develop their own Choreography • Develop safe dance practice, conditioning, and working effectively with others
PathwaysFurther Education Pathway - Certificate III in Dance, Certificate IV Dance, Bachelor of Creative Arts(Dance), Certificate III/IV in Fitness. Career Pathway - Dancer, Assistant Dance Teacher, Ensemble Dancer, Aboriginal Dancer, Dance Teacher, Fitness Industry.
Entry RequirementsParticipation in Performances and/or outside Dance Classes is essential. Year 10 Dance or equivalent.
Other RequirementsStudents may be required to attend an audition and / or interview prior to acceptance.
Delivery Location(s)Blackwood High School, 4 Seymour High School, EDEN HILLS, SA, 5050
Dates and Times38 weekly sessions at Blackwood High School on Tuesdays from 13:00 until 16:30.
Commencement date 04/02/20.
SACE DetailsSACE Stage 1, 50 SACE credits
Up to 50 at Stage 1
Units Of Competency
CoreBSBWOR203BWork effectively with others15 nominal hours
 CUADAN201Develop basic dance techniques20 nominal hours
 CUADAN202Incorporate artistic expression into basic dance performance45 nominal hours
 CUAWHS201Develop a basic level of physical conditioning for dance performance40 nominal hours
 CUFIND201ADevelop and apply creative arts industry knowledge20 nominal hours
 CUADAN205Perform basic contemporary dance techniques45 nominal hours
 CUAPRF201Prepare for performances35 nominal hours
 CUADAN203Perform basic jazz techniques80 nominal hours
 CUAWHS101Follow safe dance practices60 nominal hours
 CUADAN208Perform basic street dance techniques45 nominal hours
Nominal hours are used for SACE purposes and are not reflective of actual delivery hours
Total Training Cost$350.00 GST exempt
Cost NotesIn addition to the course cost, an administration fee will apply as follows: Non-ISCA DECD school - $50 per enrolment Non-DECD school - $250 per enrolment (refer to member school tab for list of ISCA schools)
Number Of StudentsMinimum    10
Maximum   20
Selection ProcessInterview & Audition
Public TransportBus and Trains operate to and from Blackwood High School
Contact PersonMr Benjamin Dening, Email
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