What Are School-Based Apprenticeships?

A School Based Apprenticeship (SBA) is a great way to start your career while completing your SACE. SBAs enable students from years 10 - 12 to combine paid work, training and school, while working towards both the SACE and a nationally recognised qualification. Students undertaking an SBA commence work under a Contract of Training which is facilitated by the Trade School Apprenticeship Brokers.

Before commencing an SBA, it is recommended that you have participated in a VET program. This demonstrates to any potential employers your genuine interest in the area and that you have already learnt a variety of job specific skills.

Some benefits of undertaking a School Based Apprenticeship are:

  • Earning money whilst still at school
  • Working towards or gaining a nationally recognised qualification
  • Gaining hands-on experience in your chosen career
  • Earning SACE credits as part of your training, and completing your SACE
  • Starting your career whilst still at school

Our Apprenticeship Brokers work with students from each of our Inner South schools and help to prepare students for employment, connect students with potential employers and complete the Apprenticeship sign-up process.

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